Cuddling and loving care is one of the most important needs for every baby. Infants from ages 6 weeks through 12 months are cared for in the Infant room.

The safe and loving environment of our infant room is a great place for your infant to discover, explore and learn. Our caregivers enhance development through stimulation from seeing, hearing and touching.

Toddlers (13 Months through 2 1/2 years)

At this age, your child is active and ready to explore. Our Toddler rooms have lots of space for large motor development.

Toddlers are exposed to basic math concepts like sorting, matching and patterns while developing language skills in our literacy based program.

Preschool (3 & 4 year olds)

Our Preschool program is designed especially for the 3-4 year old. Our hands-on daily activities allow these enthusiastic children to explore and learn in a fun-filled environment that keeps their interest.

Our literacy based program stimulates social, emotional, physical, intellectual, and language development. By using such tools as markers and crayons, scissors, paint brushes and manipulative materials, daily emphasis will be toward developing the skills necessary to begin to write. Music and movement, stories (both read and acted out) science and just playing with friends are also part of each day.


Our literacy based Pre-Kindergarten program is designed especially for the 4-5 year old, and promotes social, emotional, physical, intellectual and language skills. Focus is given to skills necessary to move on to Kindergarten such as memory development, math skills, spatial relationships and problem solving strategies. Your child will be encouraged to explore and discover, to be challenged to do things their self, express creativity through imagination and make new friends through free play.